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Whether you've been fundraising for a while and want a fresh perspective, have an exciting new project in the works, or have just begun your fundraising activities, I can help you put the fundamental tools in place for success.

In particular, here are some of the services I offer. If you don’t see what you need, get in touch. If I can’t do it, I may have an associate who can.

Fundraising Services

Fundraising audits/reviews

A well-crafted fundraising audit or review will help you figure out where you’re starting from, where you can reasonably get and the path to take to get there.

The process includes stakeholder interviews, a review of structures, culture and processes, and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses. I will provide you with observations and commentary to help senior leadership make informed decisions to put your organization on the road to sustainable fund development.

Strategic fundraising/philanthropy plans

With insights from the fundraising audit/review, I can help you to develop a strategic fund development plan that will be customized to align with your mission and values, organizational culture, short and long-term goals, and the skills and resources available in your organization.

Information management

Your organization’s database is like a building’s foundation – everything within your fundraising program rests on the strength of it. I admit it - I can wax poetic about the elegance of a well-configured database and how it can make or break your fundraising program. And if your needs exceed my skills, I have a network of associates who can help with: database selection, configuration, analysis, data mining, business process documentation, integration of online e-commerce solutions and integration with the financial management system. Who knew there was so much to think about?

Planned giving/bequests

Starting a formal planned giving program doesn’t have to be as complicated as you think. I get to the heart of your organization’s potential for planned giving – bequests. I can scale the program to the size of your database and organizational resources.

Capital or major gift campaign counsel

Smaller capital or special campaigns have their own trajectory and challenges that the big guys don’t face. You need a plan that takes into consideration that you likely have constrained human and financial resources, a small pool of existing donors and limited experience securing large donations.

Case statement development

Your organization does great work. You help change the world. You know it. Does anyone outside of your organization know it?

Can you articulate the core of what you do to inspire people to get involved and support your cause? A good case statement should do just that.

It is a critical foundational piece to every organization’s fundraising program. Done well, it can be the basis for marketing materials, proposals, web site and every important conversation you have about your organization.

If it’s that important, you’ll want to get it right.

Policy development

You know policies are important – but you’re busy raising money. Sound policies can be a robust link to your fundraising strategy and vision. They can be useful tools for staff and volunteer orientation and document your organization’s fundraising values.

So, while you’re busy building relationships with your donors and raising money, let me do the foundational stuff - so you can focus on your relationships.

Governance structure review

Organizations often wonder if creating a distinct entity to raise funds - often called a parallel foundation - is right for them.

I can help you review the advantages and disadvantages of each model, based on your unique circumstances.


In addition to teaching at Ryerson's Fundraising Management Certificate program, I offer customized training to groups and organizations. It usually has a heavy focus on practical applications and on giving you the tools, skills and confidence you need to succeed at fundraising.


Sometimes, it's reassuring to have someone you can call for advice; who can keep you on track or who reminds you of priorities when you spend more time doing what you're comfortable doing rather than what you should be doing. I offer coaching and/or mentoring to fundraising professionals, Executive Directors, staff, volunteers and board members.

Recruitment & Selection Services

You're looking for the perfect fundraising professional to take your small or medium shop to the next level. You want to reach the next million-dollar level in your annual fundraising program, add a manager to run a specific area of your program or find someone to run a solo fundraising department. We can help.

In partnership with Anne Kemp from Berkeley Developmental Resources, Cathy Mann & Associates Inc. brings over 60 cumulative years of experience to the recruitment process to ensure that, regardless of the position, you will hire professionals who meet 3 critical criteria:

  • The skills to do the job
  • The motivation to succeed in the job
  • The fit with your team

Our recruitment service includes;

  • Ensuring you have a current and forward looking job description
  • Understanding your unique needs so as to attract qualified candidates who fit your organizational culture
  • Screening interviews and job fit assessments to produce a shortlist
  • Guidance to you in conducting candidate interviews
  • Coordination of the job offer process
  • Reference checks
  • Guidance to you regarding onboarding of your new hire

We place a high priority on conducting the process efficiently, engaging candidates and representing your organization professionally.

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