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Cathy Mann, CFRE

I started in the charitable sector in 1989 as the Executive Director of a residential summer camp for inner-city kids. I transitioned to full-time fundraising in 1994 and haven’t looked back. Since then, I’ve focused on helping groups develop the infrastructure and culture of philanthropy required to build sustainable development programs.

I believe fundraising is a team sport. And like any team, everyone in the organization has a critical role to play. So, it’s important that senior and program staff, board members, volunteers, and clients understand and can execute their role in a successful fundraising organization. Cathy Mann, CFREConsequently, I do my best to break down complex issues into achievable actions as I coach people and organizations through new initiatives and fundraising programs.

The work we do in our sector to change the world is critical and can be difficult. All the more reason to approach it with a sense of fun that can help us deal with the challenges and difficult circumstances we face each day.

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Network of Associates

My goal is to work with people I trust, respect and who can deliver in their area of expertise. When your needs go beyond what I can offer, I call on my network of associates. Stay tuned. I’ll be updating this page so you can see who I call upon and for what kind of services.

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