We help your fundraising program thrive so you can change more lives.

You believe in social change.

But you work in a complex environment. There are lots of funders, but not enough funds. Growing need with fewer resources. New challenges that pop-up when the long-standing issues have not been addressed.

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We get it.

You feel like you could be raising more, deepening relationships with donors and engaging even more people... But you don’t know where to start.

Start with us.

We give you the map to guide your fundraising for years to come. We take complex processes and break them down into achievable actions. We offer training and coaching and help you deliver fundraising programs that work for you and we will support you every step of the way.

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Our approach is simple
Know where you are
Figure out where you want to go
Develop fundraising programs
Build the necessary infrastructure
Raise more money
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Whether you’re starting from scratch or enhancing your current programs, together we’ll co-create customized solutions that work for your organization and ensure your fundraising program aligns with your values.
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systems & processes

Mailing the right donors, collecting the right data, measuring return on investment, hiring the right staff… without clearly defined systems and processes even the most strategic fundraising initiatives can be derailed. We will work with you to implement the right systems and processes to make sure you’re sustainably raising more money.
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Our training programs help individuals, teams and charities build the skills to succeed in the complex world of fundraising.
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We exceeded targets & won an award

Cathy and Anne are a dynamic duo. Their measured yet fun approach make working with them a delight, especially when tight deadlines and challenging circumstances called for cooler heads to prevail. Before I knew it, we had exceeded targets and even won an award through the Association of Fundraising Professionals for excellence in fundraising! Their highly collaborative and supportive style made the hard work of fundraising feel...if not easy, then at least fun and satisfying.

Kate Horton
Executive Director, Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada

You're in good company

Meet the team
Photo of Cathy Mann

Cathy Mann


Strategic, action-oriented, award-winning and with a wealth of experience gleaned over three decades in the charitable sector, Cathy takes a hands-on approach to creating measurable and sustainable results for her clients. In 2015, Cathy was recognized by Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota for excellence in scholarship for her project on the role of philanthropy in collective impact.

A multi-award winning fundraiser, Cathy is most recently recognized as the 2018 Outstanding Fundraising Professional by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Toronto Chapter. During her tenure as Executive Director, Frontier College Foundation won the “Excellence in Fundraising for Small Shops Award,” from the International Association of Fundraising Professionals, representing 30,000+ fundraisers from 7 countries.

As Academic Coordinator of Ryerson University’s Fundraising Management Certificate program at the Chang School of Continuing Education (from 2008 to 2018) Cathy has influenced the profession and professionals in Toronto and across Canada. With 20 years of teaching College and University students, Cathy brings her teaching experience to every client and project she works on.

Photo of Anne Lemesurier

Anne LeMesurier


As an expert in database management, fundraising technology and digital giving, Anne is the brains behind the operational infrastructure and systems side of the business. She helps clients achieve optimum information flow, streamlined and simplified processes, and strong digital strategies that spike awareness and measurably increase donor giving at every level. Prior to working with Cathy, Anne supported a successful $1.2 million endowment campaign, provided bequest programming support balancing database, reconciliation with finance, board support and programming.

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