On September 18, 2019, we'll start sharing another batch of shift disturbing conversations.

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Episode 12 Cover Art - Cathy Mann and Chris Baylis LISTEN HERE
Episode 12: The Secretive, Mystical World of Sponsorship
Episode 11 Cover Art - Cathy Mann and Simone Joyaux LISTEN HERE
Episode 11: Voluntary Ranting for the Common Good

Show Notes

Episode 10 cover art - Cathy Man and Jennifer Bernard LISTEN HERE
Episode 10: Somebody has to be the first

Episode 9 cover art - Cathy Mann and Elizabeth Dale LISTEN HERE
Episode 9: Research
'n Rage

Episode 8 cover art - Cathy Mann and Anne Gloger LISTEN HERE
Episode 8: The Reluctant Fundraiser

Episode 7 cover art - Elissa Beckett LISTEN HERE
Episode 7: Donors on the dance floor

Episode 6 cover art - Cathy Mann, Brandy the dog and Zahra Ebrahim LISTEN HERE
Episode 6: Investing in the Invisible

Episode 5 cover art - Cathy Mann and Jason Shim LISTEN HERE
Episode 5 : Faster, Higher, Stronger...
In Digital First Place

Episode 4 cover art - Cathy Mann and Marina Glogovac LISTEN HERE
Episode 4 - Systems Intervention at the Consciousness Level

Episode 3 cover art - Cathy Mann and Lisa Watson LISTEN HERE
Episode 3 - Toilet Paper Scarcity and Other Money Vulnerabilities

Episode 2 Cover Art - Cathy Mann and Dr. Krishan Mehta LISTEN HERE
Episode 2: Heteropatriarchy on Fire with Dr. Krishan Mehta

Episode 1 cover art - Cathy Man and Sharon Avery LISTEN HERE
Episode 1: Radical Generosity - An Interview with Sharon Avery

Trailer Cover Art LISTEN HERE
Trailer: Shift Disturbers in Philanthropy

Are you a professional fundraiser? Volunteer on the board of a non-profit? About to make your first charitable donation?

No matter where you are on your philanthropic journey, if you're interested in the world of philanthropy, this podcast is for you.

In our first season, we're chatting with "Shift Disturbers," social sector leaders who are doing things differently. After listening, you won't think about our sector in the same way. Our motto is: in fundraising, as in life, it doesn't hurt to ask!

Introducing your host - Cathy Mann, MA, CFRE

Introducing Cathy Mann, your host of It Doesn't Hurt to Ask! After spending over 25 years as a professional fundraiser working with social causes, Cathy knows a thing or two about the charitable sector. A multi-award winning fundraiser most recently recognized as the 2018 Outstanding Fundraising Professional by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Toronto Chapter.