Fundraising Q&A with Cathy Mann

join me for free, online group coaching sesssions on May 28th, June 11th and June 25th 2019

I remember my early years of fundraising. The questions, the insecurity, the doubt. I’m so glad to be past that stage of self-questioning. I see so many early in their careers with similar feelings. When I reflect back on that time, I wish I had had someone I could reach out to when I had questions, rather than wring my hands.

I'm launching an experiment - on May 28th, June 11th and June 25th 2019, I will be offering online group coaching sessions in a Q&A format to my network - free of charge!!

Each week will have a general theme and you can sign-up and submit questions in advance. Space is limited so click the link below to register and submit your most pressing questions.

Introducing your host - Cathy Mann, MA, CFRE

About Cathy Mann: Cathy is an award-winning fundraiser (2018 Outstanding Fundraising Professional, AFP Greater Toronto Chapter; 2007 Campbell and Company Excellence in Fundraising for Small Shops Award, AFP International) who has been working in social change/justice/service philanthropy for 25 years. Cathy has been consulting since 2007, ran Ryerson University’s Fundraising Management Program for a decade (2008 – 2018) and has taught fundraising in College and University for 20 years. She has a knack for breaking down complex matters into achievable actions and will be happy to try to do that for you during the Q&A sessions.


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I love being a fundraiser. Connecting donors to a cause that is meaningful to them can feel like pure magic. But if you’re like me, sometimes you find that it can be a thankless job. It often seems there are lots of funders, but not enough funds. Growing need but fewer resources. Reports to write, targets to hit, deadlines to meet… but despite the challenges, from time to time I step back and reflect on this field that I have had the privilege of working, teaching and consulting in for close to 25 years. For my musings about what gets me excited about fundraising and philanthropy, check out my blog.